Well…….. those of you who saw my comment last night tipping Liechtenstein for a point at Hampden may have thought “Who’s this total pessimist? Thinking he knows all about Scottish Fitbaw?” I am so, so glad I was wrong but it didn’t look like I would be right up until a 97th (yes 97th!!!) minute winner from the head of Stephen McManus. Huge national sigh of relief.

It doesn’t take much to summarise the match, for long periods we were outplayed by a country who has a population less than the attendance at Hampden last night. Every Scottish player with perhaps the exception of Morrison who came on at HT for Faddy were total shite. We didn’t look like we could string more than 2 passes together and our world class (cough cough) captain Fletcher looked as shite as the rest of them.

Only thing to take from this match is that we somehow managed to steal all 3 points and are joint top of the group with the mighty Lithuania who beat the Czech Rep on their own turf 1-0 (the 0-0 draw in Lithuania isn’t looking quite so bad now).

Anyway onwards and upwards, next up is Czech Rep away and then the World and European Champions Spain at Hampden, both in October. If we have any hope of taking anything from either of those matches there’s a shitload of improvement needed from the entire squad.

Pessimist? Realist.


Hello world!

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